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Is the Conservative Movement Making America Losing Its Mind?

In the past few years, two major political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, have taken the lead in promoting an ‘anti-terrorism’ agenda. Both of these parties are focused on persecuting any Muslim who claims that he or she is innocent or has no connection to terrorism.

It would seem at first glance that there is some truth to this accusation. However, if one digs deeper into the facts, one can discover that there is a little bit of exaggeration in the claims of these two political parties. Indeed, it is quite apparent that these two political parties use the word ‘terrorist’ in their politics to promote their agendas.

I believe it is time to correct this terminology. The Democratic Party is using the term ‘terrorist’ to advance their political agenda, and so the Republican Party is also using the term ‘terrorist’ to promote their political agenda. So, what is the difference between the two?

The Democrats are actually aiding in enabling a third party which opposes both their policies and their ideology, thereby enabling them to establish more power. What does this mean? This means that the Democrats are paving the way for the ‘Libertarian Party.’ This means that if the Democrats are able to gain the political position they want, they will have set up the groundwork for more power and therefore, more control over the country.

If a third party could arise and win the political position, then a great opportunity will be given to a party that opposed both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Therefore, this could be a positive aspect.

This could possibly result in a massive movement against both the Democratic and Republican Parties, and lead to the American people becoming more politically aware. I have no doubt that this would be an extremely positive thing for the country. After all, if you can change the minds of a lot of Americans, then you have achieved a great deal. Additionally, it would not be surprising if we see a political shift toward the Libertarian Party, as well.

You see, the Libertarian Party seeks to present itself as the voice of the American people. Their platform is extremely appealing to the average American. However, if they can’t do this, then I fear that they will start to fail to obtain the influence they seek.

In order to accomplish their goals, the Libertarian Party will need to build a strong relationship with our political leaders. In other words, the leaders must work with the movement, rather than against it.

As a result, the Republicans and Democrats will have to cooperate and work together as the largest political parties in the United States. Of course, I am certain that they would both prefer to keep their own positions, but perhaps this will force them to come together and help each other advance.

Should this happen, the last thing the two major political parties need is a third political party that wants to challenge both their agendas. It is like saying, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ I believe it would actually hurt the country if we were to allow these two political parties to govern as they see fit.

To sum it up, I think it is safe to say that the major political parties would like to remain in power, while the smaller parties seek to get themselves into power. Therefore, I believe it is time to turn the focus away from any third party that opposes either political party and into working with them to achieve our common goals.

Who Lost Their Way in 2020?

It’s hard to look at a chart of current U.S. and United States Presidential Elections for any election year that is not filled with stories about the Republican Party in difficulty. For the first time in recent memory, many Democrats are praising President Obama’s handling of the GOP, while the entire political mainstream blames President Bush’s handling of the GOP.

There are few pundits who can say that there is no longer a connection between the Democrats and the Republican Party in the United States. On the other hand, there is no shortage of excuses for Republicans who blame the Democratic Party for their demise.

Since the end of World War II, most of the major decisions made by the U.S. Presidents have centered on the right or wrong of Republicans. The Democrats have just as often gotten the blame for doing the wrong thing. The USA and the U.S. have always been viewed in the same way – as the two major parties in the world.

Even the Republicans often get the blame for the worst things done by Democrats. After all, it is the Republican Party that has a long history of supporting the National Security State which has taken so much of our freedom and liberty.

The GOP was always looking to find a new base of support, and usually the Democratic Party would find a replacement for them. Now the Democrats have found a way to replace the Republicans.

Yes, Obama is a Democrat, but he may be the last Republican President. There is little doubt that he will continue the policies of his predecessor and the Democrats will continue to move the nation to the left. But that does not mean that the GOP will disappear.

Certainly the Republican Party must be worried. What has happened to the party they once were? There was a time when the GOP was respected around the world.

TGOP Now, the USA is viewed by many as an evil nation, and the GOP looks backward to an era before they ever became known for being anti-war. To the GOP, Obama and the Democrats are the ones who have taken their party away from them.

What kind of global outlook does that give the GOP? It gives them no identity. They are only able to continue on what was promised by their major candidates of the past, namely tax cuts for the rich, and the war in Iraq.

Republicans in the past were proud to be called the party of the American people. Now they’re just the “party of the rich”, as the Democrats gleefully watch on as the Republicans become the party of the rich.

Where is the national media coverage for the Republicans in this? Surely, it’s a story everyone should be reading? Please consider all this and think on it.

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What even are Republican Ideals Anymore?

The Republican Party is well known for its staunch support of free market capitalism. It is much more than a political party; it is the working slogan of American conservatism. In this article, we will be discussing the policies that are developed by the Republican Party to suit the free market, as well as those that need to be put in place by the United States government.

The two primary areas where the GOP can improve on its conservative policies is education and immigration. Education has always been a very strong area of concern for Republicans, who believe in preparing children for the world that they will be entering in the near future. The problem with American education is that it is being held back by the Democrats.

They are interfering with the funding and budgets of schools, and while many agree that there is room for improvement, there is no doubt that the primary responsibility for education must lie with the individual state. But the Democrats have not been afraid to impose their views on education through federal legislation. They are extremely hostile to teaching evolution and creationism in the public schools.

The Democrat Congress has been unwilling to provide any money for science, mathematics, or math teachers, or any other type of teacher that is willing to work for the American people. They seem more interested in forcing their ideology onto every American citizen. They have put the United States on the fast track to becoming a socialist nation, and we all know what that means.

The Republican Party, as the largest party in the United States, needs to think of ways to improve the quality of education, and increase the economy. This is where the internet comes into play. The Internet allows anyone to find out about any subject that they wish, and then to share their thoughts. For example, there are groups on the internet that discuss the politics of the GOP.

With the right wing in control of the government, the arenot likely to do anything to stop the growth of the United States government. Their major concern would be to keep the Republicans from being able to elect an extremist to power. So, for this reason, the Internet is probably the best resource for finding out about the conservative policies that the GOP is developing.

With the necessary tax cuts to cut taxes for those at the bottom and middle class, and spending cuts that take care of the military, there is plenty of money to be spent on education. And there is room to expand the scope of the United States government to help improve the economy. We just need to help get the American people interested enough in the subject to participate in the decision making process.

Ideology is a dirty word, but it is necessary for a functioning democracy. To allow an authoritarian regime to move through society without opposition is not only dangerous, but it is also highly unlikely. In a republic, the citizens of a country need to be involved in every aspect of life.

The Internet is the most powerful tool we have to solve our problems. If the right wing can control our information supply, they will be in control of the world. The Internet can give us the tools to make the right decisions and grow a free society.

The Internet is the primary source of education for both liberals and conservatives. Both are equally ignorant, and only one will be making decisions for the next generation. If you really want to ensure that you have a good future, you should subscribe to the Internet.

So, if you have been listening to the Republicans for the last several years, then you should know the importance of the Internet in setting the direction of the world. The next time you hear some Republican say that the Democrats are the “party of big government”, remember that they are right.

The Republican Party, The Ideal Of Its Own

An ideal is a goal, as in “the good life.” But an ideal does not have to be good for the Republican Party to be an ideal.

The ideal of the Republican Party is that America will become more economically prosperous, more politically united, and a safer place to live. That ideal is good for the party and is essentially true. But it is not the only thing that it means to the Republican Party.

Let us remember that ideals can be things of beauty and it can be our guide when we move forward. The American Dream and the Republican Party are made by us, the voters. What we do with them today matters.

An elephant in silhouette with trunk in the air and an American flag in the background republican political mascot

Where Does the Party Go?

I have a personal problem with the GOP. I would say the reason is that the Republican Party is not of the same mold as I thought it to be when I first came across it as a social club in my college days.

This has always been a young’un’s club – a place where you would go and make friends and get into mischief, usually with your roommate. But as time went on, my views changed. As much as I have always been a Republican myself, I started to see them as the party of the rich, the privileged, and the powerful, which is very far from what I saw for so many years as a Republican.

However, time has moved on, and a lot of people started to understand that things have changed. Many people see this Republican party as out of touch and as insular. They were used to looking down their noses at the Democrats, but now they see the Democratic party as equally problematic. In the end, they want a party that can make a difference and is relevant to all Americans, including the more liberal ones.

They want Republicans who speak for and represent them, not just a group of wealthy lobbyists, bankers, and industry groups. For that reason, they can no longer rely on the traditional GOP politician for leadership and are desperate for a non-politician with experience and a passion for governance to run the show. Fortunately, a few of those new-generation politicians have jumped into the political arena and are beginning to have an impact.

The Democrats are still supporting Obama, but it looks like they are holding onto their guns, rather than surrendering to the Republican party and throwing their votes behind the President. They are determined to win the election, and so far, they are doing well, despite the distraction.

Until recently, they seemed to be giving up on the idea of working with the Republican party, as there was no real point in working with an unpopular Democrat. Their name recognition and money seem to have been enough to keep them in the race, and so far, it appears that they have found their path to victory.

Find Out How You Can Help the Republican Party Win The Future

The Republican Party is a big tent that encompasses those of many different philosophies. However, the party’s official platform does not align closely with the views of most Americans. Nevertheless, it is important for the Republican Party to find a way to do better in the future, so it is critical that conservative voters get engaged. Many have already become engaged in a number of different ways, ranging from voting to writing letters and emails.

We should all be excited about this news, as it will energize the conservative voters. You may want to consider getting involved, whether that means attending a Republican Party of some sort, or a Tea Party rally, or something else. It doesn’t really matter which path you take, as long as you continue to make an effort.

Recent polls show that a large percentage of Republicans are eager to get engaged in the political process. This is exciting news for conservative voters. There is nothing like the opportunity to get out of the house and have a bit of fun!

What can you do to help promote the Republican Party in your area? In the states of New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio, these states are considered swing states. So it is important that you make sure you exercise your right to vote.

With such enthusiasm surrounding the Republican Party, will it not also help you attract Democrats to join your cause? It certainly will. After all, you will receive more donations if you reach out to these potential new supporters.

It is also important that you do your part to spread the word. Do some research about the party and their goals. Talk about the issues that are important to you, even though they may not be politically popular to others.

If you are a health care or government reform advocate, don’t let anyone discourage you. You must look at the two parties, and you’ll see that each has their own aims and philosophies, but that each of them seems to support many of the same values.

There are many Conservative groups in the country, and some of them are referred to as “Red Elephants” for the obvious reason. There are many of these groups in Washington, and many of them are happy to recruit interested voters. They don’t just talk about the party, they offer services, even if it is just handing out bumper stickers.

If you know someone who is interested in politics, offer to give them some information about the Republican Party. Tell them what you found out about the party and how you felt when you read up on it. Even if you know very little about the GOP, you can still be a part of the effort.

If you have friends who are into politics, tell them about the Republican Party and their ideas. Don’t be afraid to open up the conversation, so that they can really get informed. All too often they may not even know they’re being influenced by the party, as they are looking to get educated.

Remember that there is a Red Elephant in your hometown. Stop by and see if you can get involved with your local Republican Party.

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The Future of the Republican Party, and the Fate of the Party’s Leadership

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been following the media’s special report on the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. For years, the GOP has used talking points that would embarrass a Republican. But all that’s about to change as it becomes more obvious that the party’s leadership is in big trouble.

Let’s start with someone who will certainly be most affected by this election, the person’s leadership. To some extent, some of this will be the fault of the media, but most of it is the fault of the Party. On both sides, there’s a real disconnect.

As the GOP continues to lose its way, even its hard-right leaning members, there are those who want to do something. That is, they want to change the party by looking to reform the party and move the goal posts from their original base. In essence, they want to convert the party from one that doesn’t care about the working class into one that cares about business and corporate America. There is no way they can do that, but that’s where they want to go.

But now, some of their members want to step away from the base and run for office. Why? It isn’t really just because they feel they’ve let the Republicans down; it’s more than that. There is a genuine fear that if the GOP is taken over by one of the anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-gun policies that the country has seen for the last few years, that people won’t support it anymore. And, they don’t want the image to reflect poorly on the party.

The same fear exists on the other side of the aisle. Even though much of the rhetoric these days has been centered on the President-elect and Hillary Clinton, many Republicans still have the same fears about the Republican Party in Washington. Whether they realize it or not, they are hoping that while Democrats win the White House, the Republican Party will become weak enough to be disposed of as an institution.

This is like seeing a well-liked child pull a fire alarm for no apparent reason. You try to figure out what’s going on, but you can’t really figure out what’s going on. They’ve lost the trust of the people.

How does this affect the GOP’s standing? Well, here’s a factoid: before Obama was elected, in the eight years he served as a Senator, the GOP had control of the Senate for a total of 2 years.

The Democrats kept control of the Senate for a total of 13 years in that time. In terms of presidential elections, the Democrats won nine of the last 11 elections and the Republicans won eight.

So, on the one hand, the leadership of the Republican Party is pointing fingers at the wrong person. It’s the one person who was responsible for all the damage done to the party, not Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Yes, he should be blamed, but the responsibility goes all the way to the top.

That’s exactly the kind of attitude that could lead to the demise of the Republican Party. Let’s hope for the sake of the country that it doesn’t happen, but we are all worried that it will.

The Grim Future of the GOP

The future of the GOP looks bleak, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a dead party. Indeed, we are all hoping that this time the fates will favor the party.

Therefore, you see my argument for economic freedom is completely different from the GOP. Please consider all this.


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Is the Best Candidate in 2020 Mitt Romney?

There are several people who have personal friends and family members who think the best candidate for president in 2020 is Mitt Romney. So I wanted to take a moment to talk to those folks about why they like him so much and what it might mean for the Republican Party to nominate this person.

I know there are many Republicans who think that if Mitt Romney is nominated, he will lose. But if you can keep your friends and family on your side and you’re successful in winning the White House, then why not?

For instance, most of the people who are voting for Mitt Romney are conservatives. And I’m sure if you polled their friends and family, they would say the same thing. It could make a difference as far as the election goes.

Remember, the best candidate has to win more than 50% of the votes cast by Republicans. So if that’s the case, Mitt Romney is in the lead and people are really responding to his message.

One of the reasons I think Mitt Romney is the best Republican to run for President is because he’s not afraid to take on the establishment. He’s been in the private sector for a long time. When he got into Massachusetts, he ran a business and proved that he was a really great businessman.

Since then, he’s tried to do what’s needed to get things done in the corporate world. That’s why he has a proven track record. He understands how to manage a company and build it up, instead of letting it fall apart.

Plus, he has the experience needed to move the nation in the right direction. And as a former governor, he knows how to balance the budget. He’s also beenin the toughest economic situation that’s ever faced the United States.

This brings me to the most important question: is Mitt Romney ready to be President? He has some things to work on and needs to work on some more, but right now, he’s got the right temperament and attributes to be the best candidate in 2020.

With a year to go before the election, it’s a real race between Mitt Romney and any of the other folks. The good news is that there are so many people who have endorsed him that it’s hard to decide which one to back. Plus, he’ll probably win a lot of votes from independents.

Think about it. Think about whether it’s possible for a person to have all the qualities to be the best candidate, but who also has the least amount of negatives to the list of characteristics needed to be the best.

The bottom line is that the Republican Party needs to nominate someone who understands the problems that the state of the nation is facing and who knows how to fix them. So to all the people who think the best candidate is Mitt Romney, please consider all of this and think on it.

Best Republican Candidate For President in 2020

If you are looking for the best Republican candidate for president in 2020, there are several options. A good list of conservative leaders will include Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rick Perry, and Rudy Giuliani. You can also look at Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Michele Norris, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul.

I think the best, but not necessarily the best, the candidate is Mitt Romney. Many believe that Romney is more right wing than the other Republican candidates. He has helped the Republican Party in many ways by running for president.

I think the Republican Party is not going to win this election if they do not improve their image. We are not in the same position as when we were in a recession. Therefore, a lot of time and energy is needed to change the image of the Republican Party.

Rick Perry has been leading the polls but with his experience as Governor of Texas, I believe that he is not the best candidate for the Republican Party. Many say that Romney is too conservative for this election.

So, who is the best Republican candidate? What makes him the best candidate? There are several factors to consider.

Mitt Romney has a great character and represents the values of the Republican Party. The Republicans need a champion and Romney is the champion. A Republican cannot win an election without these two factors.

The fourth point for me is that he is extremely knowledgeable about the issues facing the Republican Party. His father was a governor of Massachusetts. This makes him knowledgeable on issues related to the Republican Party. In addition, he has the experience of running a business.

Lastly, Mitt Romney is younger than most of the other Republican candidates. He will be the first candidate younger than 40 years old since the last Republican president. We want to make sure that we do not repeat the same mistakes that we did in 2020.

What makes him the best candidate for the Republican Party? As stated, he has the experience, he has the character, and he has the knowledge on the issues facing the Republican Party.

When I go to the polls on Election Day, I expect that I will vote for Mitt Romney. He is the best Republican candidate for President of the United States in 2020. Please consider all these points.

No matter what happens in the future, he will have a strong career as a leader. Please consider all these points and consider your future too.

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The Next Big Election For the Presidency

In 2020, the republican party did not just lose the presidential election. The republican party also lost the senate races and a very important governor’s race as well. Is the republican party in serious trouble? Are they going to have to run for another term to get their popular votes back?

The republican party should seriously think about having a new leader come up and take the reins of power. They have some very good potential candidates for that job. We have looked at a few of them below.

The republican party has some great potential candidates for the 2020 election. The republican party also has some good times ahead and they need to start thinking about what they are going to do to move forward now and not wait until they see their popularity dip back down again.

Here is hoping the republican party can start the New Year off right. Good luck. Consider this a warm welcome home.

Please consider all this and think on it. Please consider all this and think on it.

Changing times for the Red Party

The exciting time for America has arrived, and the 2020 presidential elections are fast approaching. In order to help you prepare yourself for the most important race in a generation, we have put together this list of some of the most exciting 2020 Republican candidates. We hope you find this list of potential candidates useful in helping you make your own decision as to which candidates you think would be the best of the lot.

One of the most prominent candidates for the Republican Party is U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. He is one of the most interesting candidates, in that he combines his libertarian leaning with his support for his home state. As far as the former goes, he believes that the Federal Reserve is too powerful and believes that it has caused a tremendous amount of damage to the United States economy and social structure. He also views it as an enemy of the Constitution.

He supports raising the minimum wage, fighting for the legalization of marijuana, and opposes the Common Core educational standards. He supports the legalization of medical marijuana and is generally well liked by many Republicans.

Another Republican is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. He has been an adviser to the Bush family for decades and is known as an extremely successful businessman. He has also served as a member of the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations.

He is the brother of George W. Bush and has strong ties to both men, as well as having the support of the present president. He would oppose many social programs that President Obama wants to put into place but strongly supports federal spending in general. He supports lowering the voting age to 18 and has called for an investigation into what role climate change may have played in the recent spate of severe weather.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is another candidate, and has been a strong supporter of President Obama. He also has strong connections to the current President, having served as his chief of staff for a number of years. He is not as well liked by many Republicans and would be most likely to be defeated in a primary if the GOP took over the Presidency in November.

These are just a few of the 2020 Republican candidates that we feel are intriguing. Please check out our website for more information on these great candidates. We will soon be sharing further details on each of them!


Using Technology to Secure our Government

Republican Technology is a product of the Republican Party’s technological innovation team. The team was created to promote technology policy and to ensure that the technology on the Republican Party’s agenda was developed in ways that would benefit the American public. The team is led by James Lilly, a pioneer in internet strategy.

The team’s mission is to help business and citizens to find innovation. For this, they promote and implement technology policy. And they engage in practices such as researching and sharing information about innovation and how it can help your business or personal life.

Many business organizations often ask why they should be interested in the technology for their organization. One of the chief reasons is that Republican Technology brings new ideas to their organizations. It also encourages the leaders of a business to look at innovation as a way to provide unique solutions to their needs.

The Republican Technology for Business Team also encourages the development of a new innovation and a new way of doing things. The innovation strategy includes the use of the internet to produce news and information. They include software and tools to make communication easier to use and to make business transactions more convenient.

This type of strategy of promoting new innovations and helping businesses cut time was used by many business organizations. It is also used by the Republican Technology for Business Team and other technology policy groups.

Breaking Free of Big Business

“The Democratic Party is too controlled by the corporate funded and designed software and hardware companies.” This quote was one that I wrote, at the time, after the great battles that took place during the last Presidential Election. For the most part, I have had this message to say many times. Many of the machines which are used throughout the country to take voter registrations, or report the results of elections to the State have received an upgrade recently, called “Trump 2020”.

What is this technology? It has been installed in every polling station, voting booths, and even the counting of ballots. The catch is that the machines are designed by Republicans, and they are called “GATOR”. I remember that they were an entirely different design from the machines in Florida, and even places in Tennessee, while being almost identical to the machines that had been used in many other states around the country. So how did this happen?

GATOR is a line of Republican Technologies, which produces machines, which are very similar to the voting machines used in the United States, as well as several other countries. However, when they went to try to have this technology installed, the information technology field, which is where I work, did not understand their intentions for putting their machines into places where they would allow for the Democrats to become eligible for the Presidency.

During the last election, it was clear that the Republicans, in order to get their guy, Donald Trump elected President, gave money to the New York Stock Exchange to produce a line of “GATOR” computers. In addition, the Pennsylvania machines were made by the same company as the New York Stock Exchange computer. The machine was supposed to make it easy for the Republican candidate to win the Presidency, so that their guy could win.

There are a number of Republican technologies, which are being used in voting precincts all over the country. The problem that the Democrats are facing is that their candidate Hillary Clinton did not run any campaigns that involved campaigning in the actual places where the voting would take place. Thus, there were millions of votes that went uncounted, and there were over ten million votes that were not counted, and that is why the Democrat was not able to obtain a majority in the popular vote.

Also, the system was designed by the GOP so that if the Democratic candidate won, they would not be able to use the technology, because it was designed to prevent the Democratic Party from running any type of computerized electronic vote tallying. These two things combined led to a kind of “GATOR” situation, as the Republicans needed the Democrat Party to lose, to prevent them from having to give the technology to them.

However, now that the Democrat has lost, it is going to be very difficult for them to have this technology installed in their voting precincts. I am now wondering, is this a real threat, or was this just a hoax, designed to draw attention away from the embarrassing loss? Please consider all this.

Republican Elephant Painted With Stars and Stripes

The State of our Government

The United States is so far from being a republic that it’s become a bicameral legislature. To add insult to injury, the democratic system has been bicameral since at least the Founding Fathers, as Thomas Jefferson was never a true Democrat.

In fact, Thomas Jefferson made a compromise with a firm on the basis of a presidential election-yes, that’s right, a presidential election. Which should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

My friend, the difference between a solid republican and a bicameralist republican is that the former allows each house to make its own decisions, while the latter will make an honest concession to both houses for the sake of the Democratic party. You see, a solid republican is “electable,” meaning that the majority of states will cast a vote for him.

This bicameralism is inherently unstable, as it can be manipulated by an elected committee of senators, headed by a senator who was a bicameralist when he was in the Senate. Then, a senator may sit down with his/her constituents and say, “Look, if the plebiscite says you should go to war with Iran, let’s keep it. We don’t want another war.”

For example, the people of New Hampshire just voted overwhelmingly to drop the entire project, while the democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and the republican Senator John McCain of Arizona were in lockstep-a real mess for John McCain. Meanwhile, the American people supported the resolution, again overwhelmingly. I’m sure you understand where this is headed, as it is an illustration of the corrupt nature of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Although both parties do nothing but promote themselves, rather than serve the people, which would constitute a government, the politicians of each party invariably side with their partisan counterparts. It is not even the Republicans who support big government, although they do it to the detriment of the economy.

As I have pointed out many times, the real problem with the Republicans and Democrats in Congress is that they are two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, the Democrats do not want to change the Democratic Party into a true republic, so they will compromise and join forces with Republicans. This brings us to today.

It is somewhat ironic that you will find the republican candidate for president of the United States now, who was a Democrat once, who has recently embraced the democratic party, and thus, will be trying to present himself as “against Bush,” but will ultimately be a Democrat. There is more than one way to accomplish that feat.

The Republican nominee can say, “I am for a constitutional republic, but my plan is to elect a republican president,” as a means of sowing doubt in the minds of the electorate. Or, you might say, “I am a real republican, but my plan is to elect a republican president,” as a means of sowing doubt in the minds of the electorate.

I don’t know, I believe the former is probably better, and if you read the news you’ll know why. I would only say this: If you are going to be a republican, don’t call yourself a republican, and if you are going to be a Democrat, don’t call yourself a Democrat, because they are, in essence, similar.

If you want to be against Bush, then why not join with Democrats to fight Israel’s war crimes? If you are going to be against Bush, then why not support both Israel and Hamas? Instead, as a true republican, you should be supporting Israel’s war crimes, the same way a real republican should.

What’s Wrong with the Republican Party?

Yes, it is true, the Republicans are doing absolutely nothing to fight against Obama’s State Department and their over-regulation of the energy sector. I hate to say it but a lot of them are quite worthless when it comes to a battle for our country’s future and our freedom.

Now then, where is the Democratic Party? Is this a reflection of them being inept, or is it a reflection of our founding fathers who were such problem solvers? Please consider all this and think on it.

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The state of Republican candidates

In the last few elections, there have been several interesting Republican candidates and these include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, and Governor Nikki Reed of Virginia. Several are now running for President but not all of them are worth watching.

Nikki Haley’s main political ambition is to take over her boss’ job, that of Governor of South Carolina. She has been eyeing this job for years. In fact, she was the main subject of an episode of The Simpsons – a cartoon show about American politics.

Haley knows that if she succeeds in gaining a gubernatorial seat she will have the power to appoint her friends and family to a number of important positions, which could be disastrous for any prospective or existing political opponents. The main purpose is to secure a high position in the government.

This is the same woman who recently advocated for war with Iran – in retaliation for an alleged Iranian attack on the US Navy. The Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “hit Iran” in response to such action.

Governor Nikki Haley is a political ambitious with political ambitions. This makes her too dangerous for office. Her miscalculation may have been the real cause of the earthquake which struck Haiti, leaving many thousands dead.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie, the US President’s Republican Governor, is working hard to attract attention as a possible future Presidential candidate. He is already the favorite of many conservative Republicans and is one of the favorites of many top Republican donors. Like Hillary Clinton, Christie is a member of the Democratic Party.

But his position in the GOP and its ties to the national Republican party have always made him too risky for running for president. Christie has been under investigation by the New Jersey State Prosecutor’s Office for his administration’s involvement in Bridgegate, a scandal which involved the ‘spiking’ of traffic lanes in Fort Lee, NJ.

This scandal hit home for the GOP, because it revealed the incompetence of the current Governor, the national Republican frontrunner, Christie, and his close associates. Although the Republican majority in the legislature had some kind of oversight on how the Gop operated, the controversy has caused a problem between the legislative and executive branches of the Gop and perhaps also with the Governor.

Governor Christie is not likely to run for president because he does not like the sound of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s voice, as well as the other Republican contenders like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. But if he did, it would send a message to the GOP that he intends to run for president.

Governor Chris Christie is doing his best to maintain his public image as someone who cares about the environment and renewable energy. He is an avid animal lover and opposes hunting. However, he has refused to answer questions about the pipeline he once vetoed.

Therefore, what we can say is that the Bush/Christie combination of political ambitions and political mismanagement has led to a terrible mess of world events. Only one thing remains – The election of the next US President.

A List of Candidates

There are several similarities between Donald Trump and Republican candidates like George Bush Sr. and John McCain. They both have had issues with the media that eventually led to the downfall of their presidential campaigns. And yet, despite all of these concerns and disappointments, the Bush family continues to defy the polls by doing something they were never afraid to do.

Although the McCain and the Bush families appear to be using the media to the maximum, the only thing they’ve been able to get from the media is the power to inflate their net worths. As such, they continue to defy the polls by remaining on the campaign trail, increasing their profile, and continuing to rake in the cash they need to continue their campaigns.

Map displacement of American flag on the Republican elephant symbol. Isolated on white background.

The Problem with the Republican Party

With every election, the Republican Party finds itself more fractured and Republicans are more than ever losing their identity in America. There are many reasons for this but perhaps the biggest one is that the party has lost all sense of purpose and imagination.

In a strange way, the Republican Party has become a man’s devotion to the proposition that everything is in his name. One might look back at the Republican National Convention and wonder how it can be said that any important event was actually a mere ritual designed to “make the world safe for democracy”? It would be like asking if the moment at which Abraham Lincoln offered the Gettysburg Address was not a few centuries too soon?

The whole Republican Party wants the same thing, they want to rule the country, govern the country, and win the elections. But what is the end result of this all? Is this how the party will conduct itself in office, or will the Republican Party end up leading the country in the direction that it has always fought against? What will happen when they are out of power and the Democratic Party is triumphant?

Or is this where political rhetoric will lead them? Just another doomed experiment, another trip into futility?

Some would say that is exactly what is happening, that the Republican Party is stumbling toward inevitable failure and they will still try to win elections by deriding the democratic idea and branding those who oppose it as socialists and communists. Will the party end up being the Party of no and only allowing the Democratic Party to run the government?

It would seem that the Republican Party has lost sight of its own principles, but one has to ask why, after the Bush Administration has spent almost a trillion dollars on foreign wars, and is now considering a surge of troops in Iraq, the Republican Party seems to have forgotten its own values. And this just adds to the problem, for what can a party do about this? This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, and the party of Ronald Reagan, and the party of the Great Society, and the party of every president and candidate since Nixon, and now the Party of Obama.

What if a realignment occurred, and the Republican Party became more centrist? What if the Republicans did not bother holding elections and instead tried to do what it does best, which is to play the role of a nanny state that coddles individuals while protecting big business, and still promises to “take care of” everyone. What if the Democrats had been willing to engage in a civil war with the Republicans over their idea of governing?

What if the Republican Party decided that it would rather govern themselves and let the Democrats come up with a socialist Democratic idea of governing and then try to spin it all to their advantage, and not offer an alternative Democratic idea of governing that actually worked? Would this be the best solution to the Republican Party’s problems?

Perhaps the Republican Party has already forgotten who it is, and who they are, and it is just a matter of time before they will go off the deep end and forget all about the values that the conservative movement was founded upon. Would they really prefer to remain the Party of No, or would they like to be the Party of Peace?

Perhaps if they did so, their new identity as the Party of No would not be as troubling as it is today. It would be a huge step forward and would attract some new young and energetic voters that would make them a formidable force in the future. That would make the Republican Party stronger.

If the Republican Party does get serious about fighting for the future of the country, they can get what they want from their opponents and then build a stronger future for themselves, regardless of the outcome. These are some important questions to ponder as we enter the next presidential election, and to which there is no right answer.

Where did all the Republicans go?

If you are looking for some music for the Republican National Convention, then I am going to let you in on a little secret. The RNC is the perfect time to find some great artists that have been playing at rallies and other venues. You can get all of the tracks that will make the best RNC party music in the world. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Another group that I would recommend is Americana. This group is well known for its songs and their sound. Most of these songs are actually about the history of the United States, and their struggle to gain freedom. But, the popular ones are ones that you will be able to play out at the GOP to encourage people to feel the spirit of America. When it comes to choosing just one band, you can’t go wrong with either Americana or Willie Nelson.

So enjoy the great time of the RNC. While you are there, you might as well check out some of the great music to play. And while you are there, you might as well remember to stick with the theme.

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