2020 Republican Candidates

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The Next Big Election For the Presidency

In 2020, the republican party did not just lose the presidential election. The republican party also lost the senate races and a very important governor’s race as well. Is the republican party in serious trouble? Are they going to have to run for another term to get their popular votes back?

The republican party should seriously think about having a new leader come up and take the reins of power. They have some very good potential candidates for that job. We have looked at a few of them below.

  • First we have Dr. Jeb Bush. He is the brother of George W. Bush and is one of the Republican party’s strongest supporters. He has never voted for the Democrats in his life and is an amazingly successful businessman. He also has tremendous political experience, so he knows how the whole political process works.
  • We also have Harrison G. Eichman. He is the running mate of Ron Paul. He has also never voted for the democrats and has good political experience as well. However, he is only 47 years old and cannot run for any other office. He is also related to Jesse Ventura.
  • Then we have Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul. He was the chief counsel to the House Republican campaign in 2020 and has a lot of experience working with different members of congress. He is a very good speaker and is a really smart guy. He will help with the roman catholic vote and could run for any other office.
  • Next we have Dennis Kucinich. He is running for president on the socialist ticket and has a lot of support within the republicans as well. He has great political experience as well.
  • John Kennedy is also a possibility for 2020. He has lots of political experience and he would be a great candidate if he ran for any other office.
  • Last but not least we have Bob Gaia. He is one of the youngest and brightest republican prospects currently out there. Bob Gaia is a big time sports fan and is always talking about what needs to be done to make the games more exciting.

The republican party has some great potential candidates for the 2020 election. The republican party also has some good times ahead and they need to start thinking about what they are going to do to move forward now and not wait until they see their popularity dip back down again.

Here is hoping the republican party can start the New Year off right. Good luck. Consider this a warm welcome home.

Please consider all this and think on it. Please consider all this and think on it.

Changing times for the Red Party

The exciting time for America has arrived, and the 2020 presidential elections are fast approaching. In order to help you prepare yourself for the most important race in a generation, we have put together this list of some of the most exciting 2020 Republican candidates. We hope you find this list of potential candidates useful in helping you make your own decision as to which candidates you think would be the best of the lot.

One of the most prominent candidates for the Republican Party is U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. He is one of the most interesting candidates, in that he combines his libertarian leaning with his support for his home state. As far as the former goes, he believes that the Federal Reserve is too powerful and believes that it has caused a tremendous amount of damage to the United States economy and social structure. He also views it as an enemy of the Constitution.

He supports raising the minimum wage, fighting for the legalization of marijuana, and opposes the Common Core educational standards. He supports the legalization of medical marijuana and is generally well liked by many Republicans.

Another Republican is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. He has been an adviser to the Bush family for decades and is known as an extremely successful businessman. He has also served as a member of the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations.

He is the brother of George W. Bush and has strong ties to both men, as well as having the support of the present president. He would oppose many social programs that President Obama wants to put into place but strongly supports federal spending in general. He supports lowering the voting age to 18 and has called for an investigation into what role climate change may have played in the recent spate of severe weather.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is another candidate, and has been a strong supporter of President Obama. He also has strong connections to the current President, having served as his chief of staff for a number of years. He is not as well liked by many Republicans and would be most likely to be defeated in a primary if the GOP took over the Presidency in November.

These are just a few of the 2020 Republican candidates that we feel are intriguing. Please check out our website for more information on these great candidates. We will soon be sharing further details on each of them!