Are Republicans Gone?

Map displacement of American flag on the Republican elephant symbol. Isolated on white background.

The Problem with the Republican Party

With every election, the Republican Party finds itself more fractured and Republicans are more than ever losing their identity in America. There are many reasons for this but perhaps the biggest one is that the party has lost all sense of purpose and imagination.

In a strange way, the Republican Party has become a man’s devotion to the proposition that everything is in his name. One might look back at the Republican National Convention and wonder how it can be said that any important event was actually a mere ritual designed to “make the world safe for democracy”? It would be like asking if the moment at which Abraham Lincoln offered the Gettysburg Address was not a few centuries too soon?

The whole Republican Party wants the same thing, they want to rule the country, govern the country, and win the elections. But what is the end result of this all? Is this how the party will conduct itself in office, or will the Republican Party end up leading the country in the direction that it has always fought against? What will happen when they are out of power and the Democratic Party is triumphant?

Or is this where political rhetoric will lead them? Just another doomed experiment, another trip into futility?

Some would say that is exactly what is happening, that the Republican Party is stumbling toward inevitable failure and they will still try to win elections by deriding the democratic idea and branding those who oppose it as socialists and communists. Will the party end up being the Party of no and only allowing the Democratic Party to run the government?

It would seem that the Republican Party has lost sight of its own principles, but one has to ask why, after the Bush Administration has spent almost a trillion dollars on foreign wars, and is now considering a surge of troops in Iraq, the Republican Party seems to have forgotten its own values. And this just adds to the problem, for what can a party do about this? This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, and the party of Ronald Reagan, and the party of the Great Society, and the party of every president and candidate since Nixon, and now the Party of Obama.

What if a realignment occurred, and the Republican Party became more centrist? What if the Republicans did not bother holding elections and instead tried to do what it does best, which is to play the role of a nanny state that coddles individuals while protecting big business, and still promises to “take care of” everyone. What if the Democrats had been willing to engage in a civil war with the Republicans over their idea of governing?

What if the Republican Party decided that it would rather govern themselves and let the Democrats come up with a socialist Democratic idea of governing and then try to spin it all to their advantage, and not offer an alternative Democratic idea of governing that actually worked? Would this be the best solution to the Republican Party’s problems?

Perhaps the Republican Party has already forgotten who it is, and who they are, and it is just a matter of time before they will go off the deep end and forget all about the values that the conservative movement was founded upon. Would they really prefer to remain the Party of No, or would they like to be the Party of Peace?

Perhaps if they did so, their new identity as the Party of No would not be as troubling as it is today. It would be a huge step forward and would attract some new young and energetic voters that would make them a formidable force in the future. That would make the Republican Party stronger.

If the Republican Party does get serious about fighting for the future of the country, they can get what they want from their opponents and then build a stronger future for themselves, regardless of the outcome. These are some important questions to ponder as we enter the next presidential election, and to which there is no right answer.

Where did all the Republicans go?

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