Conservative Ideas and How to Form a New Party That Will Be In Charge

When it comes to helping the Democrats or Republicans become popular with voters, the people are on our own. There is no party with the power to do this for us. The people can only help us to direct their power in the direction we desire.

The conservative movement that has been going on for a long time has worked fine for years. We don’t need a new conservative leader and organization. The conservatives were too successful in convincing the nation that they were our leaders. Unfortunately, the conservatives did not win the battles but lost the war.

Modern day ‘conservatives’ do not have the right political program. They are the wrong set of leaders to change our country. We must become the main political players in America.

Americans need to understand that we live in a capitalist nation that works well in the U.S. Socialism works well in socialist countries. Only a free capitalist economy works well in America.

The one thing that must be understood is that we are the common enemy of both Democrats and Republicans. We both want to do the same things.

The first step in the process is that the citizens must separate themselves from the Democratic Party. In order to accomplish this, we must stop voting for Democrat candidates. Once we start looking to Republicans, they must be voted out of office. Then they need to be voted in.

This process will take years and you may have to move and start over. If you want to go through with this, you may want to provide the financing for the move.

All the news organizations will be against you, because you could get yourself killed. There are many things you can do to help you get by in life, but you must first stop destroying your life. Remember that the key to surviving in America is to become financially independent.

You have to believe that you can make it on your own. Once you begin this process, you will see that it takes time and you have to start small. If you become dependent on the government, then you will be dependent on others.

America has a tough job market and we should be thankful for that. It would be nice if all Americans had a job, but that is not going to happen. Most of the jobs are going to go offshore and that means many Americans are going to be without work.

We have to create an industry that will employ all the people that can’t find work. We need a job economy.

Unfortunately, many of the ideas that will make America the most powerful country on earth are not going to be adopted today. If you get rid of the conservative leaders, you can start a new party with the right message that will bring people together.