If Republicans Want to Win the Country, Stop the Shutdown!

The Tea Party is a favorite whipping boy of many conservatives, but it’s a mistake to use this as an excuse for the Texas Republicans’ failure to fight the government takeover of health care. The Tea Party was supposed to be an embarrassment to the Texas GOP.

For years, the Tea Party has been the source of endless, scathing, conservative attacks on the Republican Party. Many pundits and journalists have called them unpatriotic, uninspiring, racist, and even silly. All of these insults are unfair and all fall well short of having any real substance.

In fact, a lot of the worst charges against the Tea Party were spurred by their opponents. During the government shutdown, the Left accused them of trying to shut down the government in order to increase their political power. Yet that is exactly what they did!

Even worse, it was the Democrats who instigated the government shutdown. They only did it after they knew that they would fail to get anything done, so they resorted to humiliating and threatening the Tea Party. And that is exactly why the Tea Party can’t be blamed for the government shutdown.

What about the claims that the Tea Party is racist? Well, the mainstream media and many commentators tried to paint that picture as long ago as 2020, but nothing they said could even come close to being remotely true.

Indeed, there are some racists within the Tea Party. They are merely working within the parameters of the party, and are not really part of its core.

We’ve seen this again in the last few years, when the right has been forced to take a stand at the wrong times. For example, the Republicans won several big states in the 2020 mid-termelections. That’s when they became the “real” party, which made the media’s self-serving, short-term tactics look like sour grapes.

At that point, there was nothing wrong with the party. In fact, many of the Tea Party members are longtime conservatives who had always been suspicious of the GOP. The Democrats have always been a bigger threat to their values, so they thought they had to prove it.

After taking over the House, Senate, and White House, they continued to demonstrate their power by acting like a bunch of unruly temper tantrums. By doing this, they exposed the divisions within the GOP, and, quite frankly, proved that the Tea Party is a force for good.

Now, it’s the Democrats who want to shut down the government, because they realize that it would help them regain the political power they once enjoyed. They’re playing for keeps, and trying to distract the public from the fact that they couldn’t govern or they’d be ousted from office. Yet the reality is that the Tea Party, far from being racist, just wants to make sure that government agencies and programs are running efficiently.

The Tea Party has changed the dynamics of politics, and it will continue to do so. It has really, in effect, revived the conservative movement in the United States. Not long ago, people might have considered by conservatives to be a dying breed, but not anymore.

They’re here to stay, and they’ll have to deal with the challenges that face a new generation of politicians. They’re not going anywhere.