Republican Candidates

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The state of Republican candidates

In the last few elections, there have been several interesting Republican candidates and these include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, and Governor Nikki Reed of Virginia. Several are now running for President but not all of them are worth watching.

Nikki Haley’s main political ambition is to take over her boss’ job, that of Governor of South Carolina. She has been eyeing this job for years. In fact, she was the main subject of an episode of The Simpsons – a cartoon show about American politics.

Haley knows that if she succeeds in gaining a gubernatorial seat she will have the power to appoint her friends and family to a number of important positions, which could be disastrous for any prospective or existing political opponents. The main purpose is to secure a high position in the government.

This is the same woman who recently advocated for war with Iran – in retaliation for an alleged Iranian attack on the US Navy. The Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “hit Iran” in response to such action.

Governor Nikki Haley is a political ambitious with political ambitions. This makes her too dangerous for office. Her miscalculation may have been the real cause of the earthquake which struck Haiti, leaving many thousands dead.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie, the US President’s Republican Governor, is working hard to attract attention as a possible future Presidential candidate. He is already the favorite of many conservative Republicans and is one of the favorites of many top Republican donors. Like Hillary Clinton, Christie is a member of the Democratic Party.

But his position in the GOP and its ties to the national Republican party have always made him too risky for running for president. Christie has been under investigation by the New Jersey State Prosecutor’s Office for his administration’s involvement in Bridgegate, a scandal which involved the ‘spiking’ of traffic lanes in Fort Lee, NJ.

This scandal hit home for the GOP, because it revealed the incompetence of the current Governor, the national Republican frontrunner, Christie, and his close associates. Although the Republican majority in the legislature had some kind of oversight on how the Gop operated, the controversy has caused a problem between the legislative and executive branches of the Gop and perhaps also with the Governor.

Governor Christie is not likely to run for president because he does not like the sound of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s voice, as well as the other Republican contenders like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. But if he did, it would send a message to the GOP that he intends to run for president.

Governor Chris Christie is doing his best to maintain his public image as someone who cares about the environment and renewable energy. He is an avid animal lover and opposes hunting. However, he has refused to answer questions about the pipeline he once vetoed.

Therefore, what we can say is that the Bush/Christie combination of political ambitions and political mismanagement has led to a terrible mess of world events. Only one thing remains – The election of the next US President.

A List of Candidates

There are several similarities between Donald Trump and Republican candidates like George Bush Sr. and John McCain. They both have had issues with the media that eventually led to the downfall of their presidential campaigns. And yet, despite all of these concerns and disappointments, the Bush family continues to defy the polls by doing something they were never afraid to do.

  • Their most obvious similarity is their dependence on the Republican Party for their monetary and political survival. The Bush family has done nothing more than reap the benefits of Republican support, and no matter what. Instead of limiting themselves to their party’s ability to fund their campaigns, they often seek out alternative sources of funding, such as wealthy individuals and conservative foundations.
  • In fact, the Trump phenomenon is a direct result of the relative success of the Bush and the McCain families in raising the funds needed to fund their presidential campaigns. Although many argue that the resources available to Donald Trump are too little, too late, there is also an argument that Trump could have obtained these funds by simply pursuing traditional political fundraising. But due to his unique traits and marketing skills, Trump is now one of the most successful businessmen in the world.
  • Likewise, there are similarities between John McCain and Donald Trump in their ability to use the media to their advantage. Indeed, media attention has been something that the Bushes and the McCain’s have used effectively to enrich themselves and their families. In recent years, their influence in the media is unparalleled.
  • But when it comes to getting people to pay attention to your campaign, you may find that not all media attention is created equal. While John McCain and George Bush Sr. are often featured in television news shows as much as the Kardashians, Donald Trump is rarely asked about his business. He is often portrayed as the unlikeable eccentric and without any clear message that might attract a large audience.
  • For instance, when Senator John McCain made a series of comments at a campaign rally that he would not needlessly upset his base by supporting comprehensive immigration reform, a number of pundits quickly called upon Donald Trump to attack him publicly.
  • Donald Trump declined to go after McCain because he knew his use of the media would only hurt his campaign and give McCain free ammunition to attack him. As a result, McCain never went after Trump, and his poll numbers never dropped as badly as they should have.

Although the McCain and the Bush families appear to be using the media to the maximum, the only thing they’ve been able to get from the media is the power to inflate their net worths. As such, they continue to defy the polls by remaining on the campaign trail, increasing their profile, and continuing to rake in the cash they need to continue their campaigns.