The GOP is Crazy

Republican Elephant Painted With Stars and Stripes


Is the Conservative Movement Making America Losing Its Mind?

In the past few years, two major political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, have taken the lead in promoting an ‘anti-terrorism’ agenda. Both of these parties are focused on persecuting any Muslim who claims that he or she is innocent or has no connection to terrorism.

It would seem at first glance that there is some truth to this accusation. However, if one digs deeper into the facts, one can discover that there is a little bit of exaggeration in the claims of these two political parties. Indeed, it is quite apparent that these two political parties use the word ‘terrorist’ in their politics to promote their agendas.

I believe it is time to correct this terminology. The Democratic Party is using the term ‘terrorist’ to advance their political agenda, and so the Republican Party is also using the term ‘terrorist’ to promote their political agenda. So, what is the difference between the two?

The Democrats are actually aiding in enabling a third party which opposes both their policies and their ideology, thereby enabling them to establish more power. What does this mean? This means that the Democrats are paving the way for the ‘Libertarian Party.’ This means that if the Democrats are able to gain the political position they want, they will have set up the groundwork for more power and therefore, more control over the country.

If a third party could arise and win the political position, then a great opportunity will be given to a party that opposed both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Therefore, this could be a positive aspect.

This could possibly result in a massive movement against both the Democratic and Republican Parties, and lead to the American people becoming more politically aware. I have no doubt that this would be an extremely positive thing for the country. After all, if you can change the minds of a lot of Americans, then you have achieved a great deal. Additionally, it would not be surprising if we see a political shift toward the Libertarian Party, as well.

You see, the Libertarian Party seeks to present itself as the voice of the American people. Their platform is extremely appealing to the average American. However, if they can’t do this, then I fear that they will start to fail to obtain the influence they seek.

In order to accomplish their goals, the Libertarian Party will need to build a strong relationship with our political leaders. In other words, the leaders must work with the movement, rather than against it.

As a result, the Republicans and Democrats will have to cooperate and work together as the largest political parties in the United States. Of course, I am certain that they would both prefer to keep their own positions, but perhaps this will force them to come together and help each other advance.

Should this happen, the last thing the two major political parties need is a third political party that wants to challenge both their agendas. It is like saying, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ I believe it would actually hurt the country if we were to allow these two political parties to govern as they see fit.

To sum it up, I think it is safe to say that the major political parties would like to remain in power, while the smaller parties seek to get themselves into power. Therefore, I believe it is time to turn the focus away from any third party that opposes either political party and into working with them to achieve our common goals.

Who Lost Their Way in 2020?

It’s hard to look at a chart of current U.S. and United States Presidential Elections for any election year that is not filled with stories about the Republican Party in difficulty. For the first time in recent memory, many Democrats are praising President Obama’s handling of the GOP, while the entire political mainstream blames President Bush’s handling of the GOP.

There are few pundits who can say that there is no longer a connection between the Democrats and the Republican Party in the United States. On the other hand, there is no shortage of excuses for Republicans who blame the Democratic Party for their demise.

Since the end of World War II, most of the major decisions made by the U.S. Presidents have centered on the right or wrong of Republicans. The Democrats have just as often gotten the blame for doing the wrong thing. The USA and the U.S. have always been viewed in the same way – as the two major parties in the world.

Even the Republicans often get the blame for the worst things done by Democrats. After all, it is the Republican Party that has a long history of supporting the National Security State which has taken so much of our freedom and liberty.

The GOP was always looking to find a new base of support, and usually the Democratic Party would find a replacement for them. Now the Democrats have found a way to replace the Republicans.

Yes, Obama is a Democrat, but he may be the last Republican President. There is little doubt that he will continue the policies of his predecessor and the Democrats will continue to move the nation to the left. But that does not mean that the GOP will disappear.

Certainly the Republican Party must be worried. What has happened to the party they once were? There was a time when the GOP was respected around the world.

TGOP Now, the USA is viewed by many as an evil nation, and the GOP looks backward to an era before they ever became known for being anti-war. To the GOP, Obama and the Democrats are the ones who have taken their party away from them.

What kind of global outlook does that give the GOP? It gives them no identity. They are only able to continue on what was promised by their major candidates of the past, namely tax cuts for the rich, and the war in Iraq.

Republicans in the past were proud to be called the party of the American people. Now they’re just the “party of the rich”, as the Democrats gleefully watch on as the Republicans become the party of the rich.

Where is the national media coverage for the Republicans in this? Surely, it’s a story everyone should be reading? Please consider all this and think on it.