The Growing Divide Between the Tea Party and the Texas Republicans

In the first quarter of 2020, a record number of Texas Republicans turned their backs on the Tea Party. No matter how many times conservatives claim that they still represent their party, the truth is that these Texans cannot be brought back to the fold without meaningful change in their political values.

The Tea Party has not only alienated many conservative Texans but has also alienated many liberals who were once their own party members. Many moderates simply can’t be brought back into the party to co-opt the conservative movement. Unless the new leadership has a very different vision and philosophy for the future of the Republican Party, there is no way for them to win elections in Texas.

The best reason to understand the reasons behind this growing divide in the Tea Party is to understand the principles by which it operates. It’s essential to understand the methods and the philosophy of the Texas Republicans before being able to work with them to save the Republican Party in Texas. Understanding these principles is vitally important.

In reality, it is likely that if you are a liberal or a moderate, you have found your enemy, the Tea Party. The Tea Party has made it their mission to tear down the Republican Party in Texas in order to destroy the United States Congress.

The Tea Baggers has determined that the United States Congress is not strong enough to stand up to the radical factions of the political spectrum in Washington D.C. They believe that the U.S. Congress will cave in to their demands and this will result in the weakening of our national government.

The Tea Baggers does not believe in compromise. The establishment Texas Republicans in the Tea Party believe in compromise. The Tea Baggers cannot be convinced to agree to anything that the moderates propose.

The Tea Party believes that the U.S. Congress is weak and corrupt. As a result, they believe that the Tea Party has the right to remove incumbent representatives and senators who are not sufficiently loyal to the principles of the Tea Party.

The Tea Baggers is not afraid to scream and yell. The Texas Republicans is afraid to rock the boat, to be perceived as weak, or to be seen as anti-American. This is why they are losing and are focused on destroying the Texas GOP.

With the defeat of the Texas Republican Party, the Tea Party is losing its historical footing as the party of the new conservative movement. The party is now viewed as the party of those who will never compromise, those who are willing to destroy the United States and the Republican Party.

So, what can you do to preserve the Republican Party in Texas? Here are a few things you can do:

If you want to help build the new conservative movement in Texas, your best option is to stop listening to the Tea Baggers. They have shown that they are not the party of reason, they are not the party of moderation, and they are not the party of faith. They do not have what it takes to lead a legitimate conservative movement.

You can only lead a movement that is rooted in the principles of your founding fathers, that is rooted in the principle of limited government, and that is rooted in the belief that the U.S. Constitution is an absolute, that the free market is the key to prosperity, and that freedom is at the heart of our nation. Only a group that believes in the principles of limited government, free markets, and constitutionalism can build a successful movement in Texas.