The Next Crisis Will Is the Republican Party’s Fault

The Republican Party has had a far-reaching impact on America’s history. Republicans have not only shaped our country’s ideology, but they have also given us the Civil War, slavery, and Progressive Era. With the way we are going now, what will the party hold in store for our nation?

Over the years, the party has developed many ideologies, from one extreme to another. Since the beginnings of the party, the conservatism movement has taken over, with the rest of the mainstream of the party being confused between right and left.

Now, in 2020, the polarization between the Democrats and Republicans will reach the highest level of all. The two political parties are nearly diametrically opposed and this will likely cause the presidency to move closer to the hands of one candidate.

At the same time, the United States is facing its own challenges. Globalization, illegal immigration, and our debt levels are issues that are quickly deteriorating the image of America around the world. When I ask how the Republican Party will handle these crises, the answer is simple: They will face them head on.

The two economic policies of the future of the Republican Party are free markets and deregulation. But it is their social policies that will be their undoing.

A social conservative agenda does not make sense when it is applied to the United States. The fact is that not many Americans want the social conservative agenda applied to their country. We, as a nation, value the freedom of speech and religious liberty more than anything else.

Once the social conservative agenda is done away with, will the Republican Party then revert back to its previous stances? Or will they have to take another page from the Liberal playbook?

In order to protect the economic policies that they have been implementing, will they need to undo these economic policies in order to maintain their political influence? This is something that most of us cannot see coming.

Once you do away with economic liberty and the protection of the weak, you will have ushered in a period of turmoil that is worse than we had before. After all, the economy of the United States has never been so fragile.

Will the Republicans allow our nation to slip into social anarchy or will they do the right thing and take responsibility for the damage that they have caused? We cannot know, and unless we look at the bigger picture of the future, we will never know.

The best thing that we can do as people is to do what we can do in order to steer clear of all these crises and put the political power into the hands of our people, because when our voices are heard, things will change. We are the ones who are going to lead our nation out of its current predicament, not the politicians.

The United States of America is the greatest nation in the world, but if we lose its political clout, the rise of new threats will soon come and we will not have the means to fight back. I believe that it is time for the Republican Party to stand up and make a stand for the American people.