The Republican Partyis No Longer a Part of the Future

I am not going to mince words about the Republican Party. It is a decaying organism on the verge of death, and for all its efforts to date it has only managed to get by. It’s more than time that the Republican Party dies, as I have a lot of things to say about this from an objective standpoint.

You will have to excuse me if I am ungracious when I criticize the political party that has dominated American politics for almost four decades. When I hear people criticize the Democrats, I feel like beating my head against the wall. Their ideological purity is truly astounding. And, no, it’s not something I can let pass by.

The way I see it, the Democrats are in bed with Wall Street, which means they represent the interests of people who are totally in the pocket of the corporate billionaires. The Republicans are in bed with the oil industry, which means they represent the interests of people who are totally in the pocket of the oil industry. By the way, this is not to say that they are necessarily bad people.

I can’t say one way or the other, but I do know that I don’t want my taxes going towards this socialist ideology that is poisoning our politics and destroying our country. I am not saying that socialism is a good thing, just that socialism has run rampant throughout American politics for many years. With the Democrats in bed with Wall Street and the oil industry, it makes perfect sense that a businessman would not be able to win a primary.

The political class in Washington seems to think that they are so powerful, but the American economy is not as strong as they think. This is true. All the talking and the money can’t buy you love, and it can’t buy you an election.

The fact is that Barack Obama had all the money he needed for his primary campaign, and he was able to form a coalition of young people, the black community, and Hispanics. Why? Because those groups are ready to form a political party, and they are willing to take the plunge.

In fact, you should not be surprised to learn that the President and the majority of the members of Congress took a bunch of money from Wall Street and the oil industry. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Those industries are eager to supply them with whatever they need.

There are a lot of reasons why I oppose the Republican Party. And, they include things like “free market capitalism” for example. They have no history of providing a force for good in our politics.

The Democratic Party, with Bill Clinton at the helm, has become a laughing stock. They tried to claim that the president is a Muslim, and we had to spend a year investigating the whole story. And, the last thing they want is a conservative opposition.

So, I guess what I am saying is that we ought to get rid of them. But, what I am really saying is that we ought to beat them, and not just beat them in the voting booth. We need to show them that the people in this country do not like the politicians that they are putting up.

Not, because they are afraid that the politicians are in bed with these industries, but because the big picture view of what is happening with this country is not pretty. It looks like the United States of America is falling apart, and there is no way to make this situation turn around.

There is plenty of room for the Republican Party in the future, but not in this lifetime. It is time for us to get over them and begin looking forward to a better future.