Texas Republicans Will Not Join the Pro-Bush Texas Democrats

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump appears during a rally Oct. 10, 2016, at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

So far Texas Republicans has chosen the path of President Bush’s foreign policy.

This is a very good plan that should not be changed.

We the American people understand how dangerous this world can be and we are willing to stand up for our country and those who do not deserve the suffering that they experience. When a nation or a group of nations choose to take innocent lives that is unacceptable. It is not right nor does it bring honor to themselves.

We the people are tired of hearing all the talk about global warming and the United Nations and blame everyone else for not making things right or the situation in our own country. Yes, we have elected representatives but when is our turn? You know what I mean, they are out there living big time lives and we want change.

The next president of the United States of America will have a chance to make the changes that will restore prosperity and hope to the state of Texas.

I believe the president has made the wrong decision in appointing a well known oil executive to be in charge of leading a high-tech state. Now look at what has happened in Iraq and all the problems that are taking place there.

Will the political party to keep their fingers out of their eyes and put the decisions where they belong? We must support the president in every aspect of his decision making process or we all end up losing out. We want an end to the war in Iraq and change.

In spite of many problems with the Republican Party, the president has been able to find common ground with the leaders of both parties. We the people cannot afford to lose our jobs. We must take care of our families and deal with the issues that will make our country strong and secure.

Now that we are out of recession, this gives us the great opportunity to grow jobs in our own backyard. There are great opportunities that are available and we need to find out the truth about the Gulf Oil Spill. It is not the fault of the Gulf Oil Spill, the fault of the companies who created a defective product. Those companies could care less about the victims, the citizens and the people who have lost their livelihood and are looking for a job in the great state of Texas.

This could be a chance for the country to create jobs in Texas or another area because a large percentage of the country believes we should leave Iraq, yet these people need to come up with a simple yes or no questions about this oil spill. We want to know the truth about the oil spill because it is getting worse.

Think about what this oil spill represents to our country, the government entity that created this is one of the largest oil spills of all time. Did the government create this oil spill? The only reason they created this oil spill is because of greed.

Now that the government has stopped the oil spill and it is affecting us people, do you think that the Republicans would turn around and become advocates for the citizen who has lost his or her job because of the oil spill? We want a fair shake in the economy and have a clear conscience about the decision that has been made by the people in power.

We are the citizens and we do not want anything to do with the federal government because we want to get out from under their weight. We do not want to be taking in all this water and this oil which are not ours but that of the government of Iraq.

President Bush did the right thing and stated publicly that we should clean up the oil spill and try to rebuild trust in the federal government. Why is it the Republicans want to destroy everything and turn the country into the Panama Canal? The Republican Party should stay in their place, then this would be a good start to get people together, then when the issue is brought up and discussed the Texas Democratic Party will not join them.