Why Isn’t the GOP Working?

Republican Elephant Painted With Stars and Stripes

The State of our Government

The United States is so far from being a republic that it’s become a bicameral legislature. To add insult to injury, the democratic system has been bicameral since at least the Founding Fathers, as Thomas Jefferson was never a true Democrat.

In fact, Thomas Jefferson made a compromise with a firm on the basis of a presidential election-yes, that’s right, a presidential election. Which should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

My friend, the difference between a solid republican and a bicameralist republican is that the former allows each house to make its own decisions, while the latter will make an honest concession to both houses for the sake of the Democratic party. You see, a solid republican is “electable,” meaning that the majority of states will cast a vote for him.

This bicameralism is inherently unstable, as it can be manipulated by an elected committee of senators, headed by a senator who was a bicameralist when he was in the Senate. Then, a senator may sit down with his/her constituents and say, “Look, if the plebiscite says you should go to war with Iran, let’s keep it. We don’t want another war.”

For example, the people of New Hampshire just voted overwhelmingly to drop the entire project, while the democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and the republican Senator John McCain of Arizona were in lockstep-a real mess for John McCain. Meanwhile, the American people supported the resolution, again overwhelmingly. I’m sure you understand where this is headed, as it is an illustration of the corrupt nature of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Although both parties do nothing but promote themselves, rather than serve the people, which would constitute a government, the politicians of each party invariably side with their partisan counterparts. It is not even the Republicans who support big government, although they do it to the detriment of the economy.

As I have pointed out many times, the real problem with the Republicans and Democrats in Congress is that they are two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, the Democrats do not want to change the Democratic Party into a true republic, so they will compromise and join forces with Republicans. This brings us to today.

It is somewhat ironic that you will find the republican candidate for president of the United States now, who was a Democrat once, who has recently embraced the democratic party, and thus, will be trying to present himself as “against Bush,” but will ultimately be a Democrat. There is more than one way to accomplish that feat.

The Republican nominee can say, “I am for a constitutional republic, but my plan is to elect a republican president,” as a means of sowing doubt in the minds of the electorate. Or, you might say, “I am a real republican, but my plan is to elect a republican president,” as a means of sowing doubt in the minds of the electorate.

I don’t know, I believe the former is probably better, and if you read the news you’ll know why. I would only say this: If you are going to be a republican, don’t call yourself a republican, and if you are going to be a Democrat, don’t call yourself a Democrat, because they are, in essence, similar.

If you want to be against Bush, then why not join with Democrats to fight Israel’s war crimes? If you are going to be against Bush, then why not support both Israel and Hamas? Instead, as a true republican, you should be supporting Israel’s war crimes, the same way a real republican should.

What’s Wrong with the Republican Party?

Yes, it is true, the Republicans are doing absolutely nothing to fight against Obama’s State Department and their over-regulation of the energy sector. I hate to say it but a lot of them are quite worthless when it comes to a battle for our country’s future and our freedom.

  • Barack Obama and his administration, in the beginning did more than most administrations could ever dream of in their first term. He took on the big gun and the big tobacco industry with massive fines and lost tax money. Not bad.
  • Sadly, the Republicans have jumped into the arena with bad Republican ethics, and the United States’ very liberty is being attacked by corrupt bureaucrats who try to force consumers into unneeded medical procedures. And they are whining about “Big Oil”. Is there a rule that states “Republicans do not talk about corporations, oil or anything else related to politics”?
  • Good news is we do have Senators like Marco Rubio, who understands that we are the only place in the world with our economy going strong, and we can have both job and energy security. But until they realize this, they are pretty much doing the same old unproductive politics we have come to expect from them.
  • If you remember how Obama campaigned, you will recall the good things that were said about him, “If we can do it, so can Democrats!” Remember how they fought for us against Bush, and what a bunch of cowards they were. Well guess what?
  • Bad news, it looks like it is time for the Democrats to jump off the sinking ship and put the Republic back into the White House. Will it be fast enough? Who knows, but it sure looks that way as of late.

Now then, where is the Democratic Party? Is this a reflection of them being inept, or is it a reflection of our founding fathers who were such problem solvers? Please consider all this and think on it.