Can You Trust the Republicans and the Democrats to Solve Their Problems?

Republican fight concept as two mountain cliffs shaped as an elephant symbol clashing head to head damaging the party

For years, the GOP was known as the “Party of No.”

For years, it was trying to stop its own leaders from reaching a consensus. It tried to legislate from the sidelines on every issue, using legislative tactics that were destructive to its core principles. Now, it’s time for the Republicans to make the argument for change.

The Republican Party has lost its way and it needs to re-centre its message on the American people and on the principles that are right. A third party could bring in new voters and could offer a viable alternative to Obama’s extreme agenda. In a way, the Republicans are like the Democrats are like the Republicans.

Yet, for years the two parties have controlled Congress and the executive branch and they couldn’t get things done. They tried to legislate from the sidelines, but failed. Each party then tried to find their own solutions to its own problems.

Both parties have spent years fighting each other and arguing their causes, but their principles have remained in place. Each party decided to pursue its own agenda and was successful in doing so.

Now, the Democrats and the Republicans are on the same team; they are on the same team, with similar goals. The difference is the Republican Party was founded on the principles of limited government restraint. But, there has been no leader or party to force them to make that argument.

That’s why the Democrats and the Republicans now need a third party to challenge them.

They need a vehicle to make the case for change and to reinvigorate their base. A third party could create the very opportunity to make the case for conservative principles and for fundamental change.

There are many reasons for this. One is that the Democratic and Republican base are scared to death of change. They are convinced that if we do not fix our economy, cut taxes, fix entitlements, cut government spending, eliminate regulations, and expand free enterprise, we will suffer some horrible economic disaster and we will end up losing everything.

Many think that this fear of change is a good thing. After all, we should be afraid of losing everything rather than confident of holding onto what we have, right?

Well, I beg to differ. The best way to promote change is to allow people to make the argument for change, or at least give them a platform to make the case.

If a political party cannot put forth leaders who make the case for change, why should the public be expected to do it? I’m not suggesting that the Democrats and the Republicans are perfect. Nor am I saying that the two parties have always had it right.

All I’m saying is that in recent times, both parties have been too rigid and political. They have become so locked into the traditions and ways of the past that they have failed to evolve. And, that’s what we need.

Both parties need to see the big picture. Both parties need to compete for the support of the American people and, through a new third party, they can find a way to reach out and engage people.